'All sports, all levels': Brentwood athlete launches sports platform

David Johnson Sports Hub Video

Brentwood man David Johnson founded Sports Hub Video last year - Credit: Sports Hub Video

A new Brentwood business is working to shine a light on local athletes.

Sports Hub Video produces a range of sports content, and conducts feature-length interviews with Essex and London-based sports icons.

Since launching in October last year, the company has already interviewed Johnny ‘The Romford Bull’ Fisher, Romford snooker champion Steve Davis , Brentwood former javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread and 'Mr West Ham', Paul Konchesky.

Co-founder and director David Johnson, who has lived in Brentwood for the past four years, explained Sports Hub Video was a 'one stop shop' for a variety of sports.

Bradley Rees

David launched the venture with business partner Bradley Rees - Credit: Sports Hub Video

He said: "We want to include both mainstream and niche sports, which people might not be so aware of.

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"We cover all sports, at all levels, and all genders."

Alongside football, rugby and cricket, Sports Hub Video covers less-watched sports including American football, darts, mixed martial arts (MMA) and gaming.

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"People like Ronaldo or Beckham already have a voice, but we want to give less-known athletes a platform.

"We want to cover events that don't get the attention that others do.

"If people knew more about netball characters, they'd probably be more interested in watching the matches."

 Brentwood former javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread

Brentwood former javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread discussed her career - Credit: Sports Hub Video

David is also keen to show viewers the realities of being an athlete, including both the challenges and successes involved.

Through feature-length interviews with current, former and up-and-coming athletes, viewers can learn more about their lives.

"There's so much more to athletes than can be showed in a two-minute post-match video," David explained.

"The features explore the intricacies of their lives, and many of them have shared stories I'd never heard before."

Romford snooker champion Steve Davis

Romford snooker champion Steve Davis opened up about his life - Credit: Sports Hub Video

In his interview, Steve Davis, who reached eight World Snooker Championship finals in nine years, speaks about his rise to fame and career highlights.

West Ham's Paul Konchesky opens up about his varied footballing career and how he gave "100 per cent" to his team every time he put on a West Ham football shirt.

'Mr West Ham', Paul Konchesky.

Sports Hub Video spoke to 'Mr West Ham', Paul Konchesky. - Credit: Sports Hub Video

David, who also runs a recruitment consultancy, is a keen athlete himself, having played football, boxing and run three marathons.

He added: "I've played sports all my life and tried my hand at all different kinds of sports.

"I love the Olympics because it gives insight into so many different types of sports which people don't usually watch."

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