Brentwood soldier awarded for bravery

A SOLDIER from Brentwood is to be honoured with an esteemed award for bravery on the frontline in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Marc Anthony Reader, of 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, is to receive the Military Cross.

L/Cpl Reader was based in an area of high Taliban activity, when his patrol was caugyt in enemy fire. The lead man in the patrol was pinned down and unable to move.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “L/Cpl Reader instinctively stepped into the enemy’s killing area, drawing their fire and allowing the soldier to escape.”

Whilst out on patrol, L/Cpl Reader’s team was again caught in an ambush. The patrol commander decided to conduct an outflanking manoeuvre and asked for volunteers.

Marc stepped forward and charged the position with another soldier, forcing the enemy to flee,.

His citation states: “His gallantry and selfless commitment have been astonishing and in the finest traditions of the Service.”