Brentwood: Police warning over bogus callers

Essex Police are warning about bogus callers posing as police officers.

Essex Police are warning about bogus callers posing as police officers. - Credit: Archant

Essex Police have issued a warning over calls by bogus police after a woman is tricked.

Detectives have renewed their appeal to beware of people posing as police officers after a woman in her 80s was tricked into giving her bank details onTuesday. The man claimed to be a detective chief inspector from the Metropolitan Police.

The caller, who claimed he was DCI Charlston, told the woman she had been a victim of fraud and he needed her bank details. He said he would need to see her bank details and cards, an a man turned up 30 minutes later and collected her cards.

It comes after another incident on Monday when a bogus caller claimed to be a police officer who attempts to use the police non-emergency number to obtain bank details.

Police said he calls people to tell them their bank details had been found in possession of arrested suspects. One victim became suspicious, while another was tricked into giving details.

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Inspector Paul Wells said: “It is absolutely vital that people are on their guard if they receive a call of this kind. Genuine police officers will never ask for bank details over the telephone. It is possible that one man or a group of criminals working together is using different names and different stories to trick the elderly or vulnerable. One simple rule will prevent you from falling for this kind of con and that is to never give bank details to anyone who has called you.”

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