Brentwood councillor and worker save town from traffic woes

A QUICK-THINKING councillor and a sandwich shop worker went beyond the call of duty to call emergency services and save Brentwood Town Centre from traffic chaos after a road crash.

Cllr Mark Reed enlisted the help of BagelByte employee Chris Haynes to take control of the scene in High Street after a moped and car were in collision last Saturday, October 30.

Cllr Reed, who was shopping in town at the time, said: “I did not witness it but I heard a crash.

“The lad from the moped was lying on the floor.

“I’m not too good with blood myself so I got straight on the phone instead. There were plenty of people to help the young man out so I did what I could do best and spoke to the ambulance service.”

After answering questions about the number of cars involved, spillages on the road, the conditions of the people involved and whether they were breathing Cllr Reed realised the potential chaos about to ensue as traffic in the street built up and at the same time bumped into Chris, from BagelByte in Ingrave Road.

“I realised the traffic was going to start causing problems. I know Chris pretty well and we thought we’d better do something to help,” Cllr Reed said.

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Chris, a motorcyclist himself, felt a personal urge to help after being involved in a crash three years ago.

Chris, 28, said: “I was hit by two cars and thrown head first into a lorry which fractured a vertebrae in my back. I know the severity of injury the kid could have been facing and one motorcyclist helps another.”

He added: “There were buses trying to pull in to make their drops and cars everywhere stopping people coming through as well as people trying to cross the road.”

The pair took it in turns to let 10 cars pass in each direction past the scene of the crash as queues of traffic quickly built up on either side.

Cllr Reed said: “It seemed to make sense at the time and I have to say everyone was very respectful. I was only in scruffy civilian clothes. I tried to do the proper signs as best I could. Everyone was very polite.”

Around 10 minutes later a team of PCSO’s arrived to take over the traffic control situation but thanked the duo for their assistance.

Chris said: “Mark’s a regular in the shop. He’s one of the nicest guys I know and really cares about the area.”

Within four minutes of making the initial call a rapid response car was at the scene to tend to the injured rider and an ambulance followed soon after.

The young man, believed to be 16 years old, was taken to Queen’s Hospital with minor injuries.