Brentwood Council leader meets with Prime Minister David Cameron

Leader of Brentwood Council Cllr Louise McKinlay met with the Prime Minister last week.

Cllr McKinlay, along with other Conservative council leaders had the chance to talk to David Cameron in Downing Street.

She discussed what is happening in Brentwood, and said: “Mr Cameron was pleased to hear about how Brentwood Borough Council is leading in both transparency and efficiency and how we have thus been able to cut council tax, but also provide new front line services.”

She added: “It was interesting to meet with other Conservative council leaders and exchange ideas about good practice. I’m pleased that other councils thought our proposals on council tax support worth considering for their own authority.”

The leaders also discussed changes to planning law and Cllr McKinlay said they came away confident that their views on what is best for local authorities are being carefully considered by the government.

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