Do Good in Brentwood: Make your home more eco-friendly by recycling crisp packets

Priest in charge, Reverend Jane Bradbury started off the crisp packet collection at St Peter's Churc

Priest in charge, Reverend Jane Bradbury started off the crisp packet collection at St Peter's Church in South Weald. Picture: Villene Hyam - Credit: Archant

Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam wants to encourage people to recycle their crisp packets as part of a national campaign.

Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam.

Do Good in Brentwood campaigner Villene Hyam. - Credit: Villene Hyam

Most of you will know we try to be an eco-friendly home.

We gave up single use plastic water bottles a long time ago, I often juggle my shopping out of Sainsbury's to avoid using a plastic bag, and I'm on the Refill Brentwood team.

But we're always trying to do more, and this month we've worked with our church, St Peter's South Weald, to take part in a new scheme set up by Walkers Crisps and the experts in recycling and waste reduction, Terracycle.

A lot of the plastic we all consume can't be recycled.

Do Good in Brentwood logo.

Do Good in Brentwood logo. - Credit: Villene Hyam

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Although recycling isn't really the answer to our huge plastic problem (it's best to avoid purchasing it in the first place if you can), it's always frustrating when there is no eco alternative for a product you really want.

And crisps always come in tubes or packets which can't go in our orange sacks.

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Fortunately, Walkers and Terracycle have the answer. Walkers have pledged to make all their snacks packaging 100per cent recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.

While they work on the best way to do that, they've joined forces with Terracycle, who recycle or compost loads of packaging from contact lenses to writing instruments, by providing a scheme where we can recycle our crisp packets.

And that includes any crisp packets, not just Walkers.

The assigned collection points pledge to generate a specific amount of waste for the campaign, then Terracycle come and collect it all for free.

So many people signed up initially, that they're not accepting any more collection points at the moment, but that's not a problem for us as we've just started our own instead.

We've installed a box at a church and, once it's full, I'll be sorting it all out and taking it to our nearest collection point.

The lovely Brentwood Belles Women's Institute do the same, and I'm sure many other small groups who want to Do Good in Brentwood!

If you look on the Terracycle website, you'll see there are a few existing collection points in and around Brentwood. Plus you can of course drop them in to St Peter's Church in Weald Road.

Our priest in charge, Revered Jane Bradbury, signed up to Refill a long time ago and she's always so supportive of any campaign aiming to help people and make the world a better place.

We're really excited we've been able to get this started with her enthusiasm, and we hope you'll come and bring your crisp packets to us!

Things to remember if you're collecting:

- All brands of crisp packets are accepted

- No popcorn, meat snack or pretzel bags

- Outer packaging from multipacks are accepted

- Packets need to be clean and flat (not folded into those impressive little triangles!)

Another special eco shout out this month also goes to the team at the Brentwood Centre who are collecting plastic bottles to build a greenhouse in their Community Garden.

While I said we don't do plastic water bottles anymore, we do love a smoothie in our house so we've been delivering all of those bottles to the Brentwood Centre - we can't wait to see what their greenhouse looks like!

For more information about the services at St Peter's Church visit

Visit Terracycle's website at

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