‘Brentwood boy’ Charles is 100!

NEWLY-CROWNED centenarian Charles Stanndard may have received 70 cards for his birthday this week, but there was one he had his eye out for – the Queen’s.

“I was extremely proud to get it,” he said. “I had a birthday party which was quite a surprise - and the card from the Queen topped the day off nicely.”

Described by friends as “a real Brentwood boy”, Charles received a special visit from Mayor Cllr David Tee at his home, in Chichester House, off Weald Road, on Monday.

Charles, an electrical maintenance worker for 47 years, puts the secret of his longevity down to a healthy smoke and alcohol-free lifestyle, and lots of friends.

“Make as many friends as you can and join different clubs,” he said. “They’ll be there for you through the hard times and to keep you laughing through the good.”

Charles, who has no children, was happily married to wife Edith for 25 years, before she passed away in 1984.