Bluergh! Hornchurch teachers eat bugs for charity

BRAVE teachers downed jellied eels, exotic bugs and milkshakes with a splash of Worcestershire sauce as part of a stomach-turning charity event on Wednesday.

Staff from Sanders Drapers School in Suttons Lane, Hornchurch, sampled the ‘bush tukka’ to help raise money for a local youngster recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Students paid for the pleasure to see their teachers gag on the gruesome treats, helping to raise more than �300 for Mitchell Huth, five, of Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch, who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

The rare cancer affects less than 100 children a year.

All money raised on the day will go towards Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Mitchell is now being treated.

School spokesman Loraine Woolford said: “The teachers had four or five things they had to try like bugs that they’d bought from the internet covered in chilli sauce.

“They were disgusting. But it was a great day and incredible that we raised so much money in one lunchtime.”