Between a brick and a hard place: Rainham woman’s wall knocked down FOUR times

Ever felt like getting a response from the council was a bit like banging your head against a brick wall? Well spare a thought for Rainham resident Jacqui Brewster who doesn’t even have a wall to take her frustration out on.

The 48-year-old has had her front wall knocked down an incredible four times by speeding traffic and has urged the council to act before more lives are put in danger.

The mother-of-two from Edmund Road was again left to pick up the pieces on Saturday after yet another accident saw her wall knocked down and cars parked in her driveway damaged.

Self-employed cleaner Jacqui lives on the corner of Edmund and Philip Road - a hot spot for speeding off the nearby A13.

With cars regularly ignoring the 20mph speed limit and give way signs, Jacqui claims there has already been one fatality at the dangerous junction around four years ago.

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Fed-up Jacqui has been keeping a log of the accidents outside her home since Christmas, already counting 11 – more than one a month. She has also had her front brick wall knocked down four times since moving in 12 years ago.

Jacqui says her insurance is now at a premium due to the number of times her wall has been destroyed.

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She said: “There have been more than 11 accidents but when no one is injured or no one is home we don’t bother to record it - there are just so many.

“I’ve never built my wall back to its original size because it just keeps coming down.”

But despite reporting the accidents to the council numerous times she still hasn’t received a response.

Jacqui also contacted Rainham Cllr Jeff Tucker who has since written a letter to Streetcare on her behalf.

She told the Recorder she would like to see better protection on her corner, stop signs, and speed cameras.

“I’m quite shaken up by it,” she said.

“No one’s listening. Do we have to wait for another death?”

Cabinet member for community empowerment, Councillor Robert Benham, said: “We are aware of the problem, as are the local police. This location is already within a 20mph zone and there is a speed hump within the junction itself. “Roads are 20mph for a reason and we hope that any motorists caught endangering the public are caught and prosecuted.”

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