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Jamie Brown, from the Archant learning and development team. Photo: Denise Bradley

Jamie Brown, from the Archant learning and development team. Photo: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

Jamie Brown, of Archant’s Local Impact initiative, explains how to use social media to your advantage

Archant Local Impact

Archant Local Impact - Credit: Archant

Social media can be an emotive subject for business owners.

Getting new customers to your business from social media isn’t easy - it isn’t just a case of setting up your Facebook account and the cash pours in… so that isn’t the dream that we are going to sell!

Some business owners we speak to are utterly frustrated by social, however, it really isn’t optional anymore. Your business needs social media.

Whatever kind of business you are in, your potential customers are using social media. Social media has become a platform of recommendations and word of mouth.

Social media content appears high in search results and it has become an expectation that a business will talk to its customers in some way on social media.

My best advice to the SME with social media is work smart, pick the most relevant platform and apply all of your social effort there.

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Setting up an account on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat is pointless if you don’t use half of them or all of the content you post is exactly the same.

If you leave an account inactive and a potential customer finds it, you might look like you aren’t in business any more.

No Instagram account is better than one that hasn’t had anything added for 10 months. Pick one, stick to it, fill it with things your customers will find interesting and enjoy.

What is the right social media for you?

I suppose this really starts with the question “What do your customers want?” Think about your customers’ interests, think about what they want to see, what do they watch, read and like?

If you build a profile of your typical customer then you can try to match it to the typical user for a social media platform.

It will also help you to understand the sort of content to post.

By way of an example a florist in a trendy part of town might reach more relevant people with beautiful photos and video on Instagram than they would with blog style posting on Facebook.

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