Romford MP Andrew Rosindell gives Commons speech on Afghanistan crisis

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell spoke in yesterday's (July 18) Commons debate about Afghanistan - Credit: Andrew Rosindell

The situation in Afghanistan "should not be happening", according to Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

Mr Rosindell was speaking yesterday - August 18 - at a debate in the House of Commons on the subject, called after the Taliban had taken control of Afghanistan for the first time in almost 20 years.

This has led to people trying to flee the country. 

Mr Rosindell said: "The British people are deeply shocked by what they are witnessing in Afghanistan. 

"After 20 years of British and American involvement, this should not be happening.

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"My thoughts and prayers at this moment in time are with all those British servicemen who have lost their lives attempting to bring freedom and democracy to the Afghan people and also those who have been left with life changing injuries.

"I also weep for the people of Afghanistan."

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The Taliban has reasserted control close to two decades after being ousted by US-led military coalition.

That regime has come under fire from those who believe it was withdrawn prematurely, with Mr Rosindell among them.

"We all recognise the need to withdraw Western forces from Afghanistan.  It had to happen.

"Our presence in Afghanistan could not go on indefinitely, but it needed to be handled in the right way."

The Romford MP fears what will now happen to a country whose progression he observed during a visit in 2010.

"I was struck by how much progress was being made to turn the country into a better place, as the people were given the opportunity to live in a free society," said Mr Rosindell.

He agreed with his colleagues who advocated for a refugee system to be implemented in the UK, but added that those who arrive "cannot all expect to remain here permanently".

Mr Rosindell called for the consideration of plans for safe resettlement in third countries.

Separately, he urged the government to "provide safe passage to those whose lives are at risk because of their work with British and allied forces".

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