Andrew Rosindell: 'Sir David Amess was one of my greatest friends'

Andrew Richard Rosindell, Conservative MP for the Romford, at the scene near Belfairs Methodist Chur

Andrew Rosindell visiting the scene where Sir David Amess was stabbed - Credit: PA

Sir David Amess was my oldest friend in the House of Commons, a truly genuine and kind person who I have known for four decades. He was one of the very best.

David was a devoted constituency MP, serving the people of Basildon and Southend West with tremendous dedication and love for almost 40 years.

In Parliament, he was a model Conservative backbencher. David would speak his mind and was uncompromising in his deeply held views, views I shared. He put his principles before his own advancement.

For David, politics was about believing in things.

His tragic loss will be felt across Parliament as he made friends in all parties.

Most importantly his loss will be felt by his wife Julia and his five children, who must be suffering from unimaginable grief right now.

His loss will also be felt across Romford. He always loved visiting Romford and was here as recently as August for a Victory Dinner I held in celebration of my 20 years representing the town I have been so privileged to serve.

David’s stabbing is the second time in just over five years that a member of parliament has been stuck down while helping constituents. For any MP to be in danger while serving the community they are elected to represent is intolerable.

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I will now do all I can to honour the memory and legacy of Sir David Amess, one of the best MPs I have had the pleasure of working with and one of the greatest friends I have been privileged to have in my life.

It would be impossible to honour his memory and legacy if I were to shut myself off from my constituents. While there may need to be a review of security arrangements, I am resolutely determined to remain open to the people of Romford.