MP Andrew Rosindell: 'Stronger sentences needed for worst criminals'

Floral tributes left at the bandstand in Clapham Common, London, for murdered Sarah Everard. Picture

Floral tributes left at the bandstand in Clapham Common for murdered Sarah Everard - Credit: PA Images

In recent weeks, women’s safety has risen to the top of the political agenda and rightly so. What happened to Sarah Everard was horrifying. She was just walking home before police believe she ended up being killed. 

I have also been appalled by the police’s mismanagement of the vigil. While there are failings that the police must answer for, the underlying problem is the Coronavirus Act, which effectively bans all protests. The government should immediately add a protest exemption.  

The Romford Recorder recently reported that 71 per cent of women in Havering often or usually felt unsafe travelling and walking around, with 88pc saying they felt it necessary to take measures to protect themselves while out. This situation cannot continue. 

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell asked for a 'full cost benefit analysis' of any new lockdown measures at

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is fighting for residents living in properties with dangerous cladding - Credit: Parliament

We need stronger sentences and swifter court cases to bring those responsible to justice and to ensure they remain behind bars.

We also need better lit streets, more CCTV and more police presence. Plus we need a cultural change, including better education to ensure we all treat women with the respect they deserve.  

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I believe the police bill going through Parliament will do that, with stronger and longer sentences for the worst criminals - something Labour should support.

There are understandably concerns about provisions regarding protests. This is something I am aware of and will be raising with ministers to ensure the legislation contains the necessary protections for our sacred right to protest.  

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Freedom is precious, but severely disrupting other people's lives, as we have seen with Extinction Rebellion, is irresponsible and selfish.

Freedom with responsibility is the British way! 

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