And so this is Christmas – DJ from Romford’s Time FM with a festive message

Time FM DJ Steve Allen

Time FM DJ Steve Allen - Credit: Archant

“And so this is Christmas”, as a wise man once said. He also went on to ask, “And what have you done?” That always seems a little judgmental to me.

OK, John, I haven’t achieved everything I set out to this year but I’ve had a lot to deal with. And I probably did more than you did this year, John.

He then added, “Another year over and a new one just begun.”

The pedant in me always wants to point out that a new year hasn’t begun at Christmas, that’s New Year’s Day you’re thinking of.

At Christmas you can’t get much further away from the year being new. I don’t think I would have got on with John Lennon if we chatted.

John’s first line is such a perfect summary of this time of year. The build-up starts in September when some shops put up their Christmas displays.

With a lead time of that many months I’m surprised Joseph and Mary didn’t book a room at the inn. Typical carpenter, turning up late.

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Even with the festive run-up starting during a heatwave somehow Christmas still creeps up on you.

Before you know it your work patterns change, you’ve bought more food than anyone could eat before its sell by date and you wake up thinking, “And so this is Christmas.”

And it is. Whatever you’re doing this is Christmas.

Don’t let the expectations that have built up since August Bank Holiday get to you.

If you’re working, this is Christmas. If someone couldn’t be with you, this is Christmas. If the potatoes were slightly overdone, this is still Christmas. Give yourself the gift of enjoying it.

Try to take a moment, let go of the stress, be nice to people and embrace Christmas. You might as well, you have a few months to wait till it starts again.