After 4 years of waiting, transplant joy for Romford girl, Tor Tremlett

A young woman living on borrowed time while waiting for a double lung transplant is currently recovering in hospital after undergoing the life saving surgery.

Victoria Tremlett, 24, known as Tor, is currently at the Harefield Hospital in London afer undergoing the prodecure on Monday (October 10) after four years of waiting.

Tor’s friend Jess wrote on Tor’s blog ‘Past The Point Of No Return’: “This is the day i’ve been waiting for.

“It’s going to be a long, hard surgery, but the wait for lungs is over. Please, please keep her in your thoughts, and remember that someone had to die in order for her to live.”

Tor, from Romford, who has Cystic Fibrosis, had been waiting on a double lung transplant for the last four years and had eight false alarms.

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The family received the call about the match on Monday and on Tuesday at around 2am Tor came out of theatre after undergoing the long surgery.

Jess wrote: “As you can imagine, transplant surgery is enormous and the recovery process slow, but she’s cleared the first hurdle in the journey.

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“Her incredible family are of course waiting with baited breath, and by her side every step of the way.”

In August, Tor who kept a blog recording her highs and lows waiting for a double lung transplant, told the Recorder that her life had become a constant battle for survival.

She said at the time: “My life is utterly dependatn on getting a transplant, without one there is no hope for me.

“Everyday is a tremendous struggle and a constant battle to stay alive.”

Since the news of the surgery, Tor’s blog and Twitter sites have been inundated with comments from family, friends and high profile names.

Sarah Brown, the wife of former Prime Minister Gordan Brown tweeted “sending positive vibes to Tor as she rests and recovers”.

Tor is currently in intensive care on a ventilator while her lungs take time to recover.

Jess said: “Four years of struggle must have taken an incredible toll on Tor’s body, and it’s no wonder she needs a good sleep!

“As you can imagine, transplant surgery is enormous and the recovery process slow, but she’s cleared the first hurdle in the journey.”

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