Debt advice: There's always hope

Miles Picknell

Miles Picknell, manager of the Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre, Upminster - Credit: Miles Picknell

At Christians Against Poverty (CAP), we help people who are struggling with problem debt and, no matter how challenging their situation may be, we know there’s always hope. 

We firmly believe this because we’ve met thousands of people who felt their money problems were hopeless. Now debt free, they’ve seen a genuine difference, had their hope restored, and feel more positive after getting help from CAP.
If you need help with debt you can call CAP free on 0800 328 0006 or visit

Hope signals the beginning of change so, with this in mind, let’s look at some of the positive changes we can make as we step into 2021 with HOPE.

There are some great resources and tools out there to help with improving health and wellbeing. See for a range of ideas aimed at adults or for great tips for families.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, break down your ultimate goal into a daily habit for success. Willpower alone can only achieve so much. As well as creating achievable goals, having support from a community will make the most difference. Look for support groups in your area, or ask a friend to keep you accountable.

Perhaps the pandemic has left you out of work, or you feel it’s time for a career change. If you’re not sure what skills you already have, or what you need for the types of jobs available, get advice. Your local CAP Job Club can help you identify and maximise your skills. Please see for our CAP Job Club in Havering.

Staying connected with others, even if through a screen, has helped many people realise that they’re not as alone or isolated as they may feel. So send that text, send that email or make that call to stay in touch.

Emergency funds
Saving even just a few pounds a month soon builds up to create a buffer for unexpected events.

Have a look at the other services you use. Taking the time to seek out better deals can be time well spent and money well saved. For more top money saving tips, visit

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