Adopted woman appeals for help in finding Havering birth family

Liza Taylor from Cardiff is searching for her birth family who lived in Hornchurch.

Liza Taylor from Cardiff is searching for her birth family who lived in Hornchurch. - Credit: Liza Taylor

A 53-year-old woman who was given up for adoption six weeks after her birth, is hoping to trace members of her family in the borough.

Liza Taylor, from Poise Wales, was born at Rush Green Hospital in 1963 to Pamela, an 18-year-old teenager who lived in Hazel Close, Hornchurch.

Being the 1960s, Liza said that she understands the reasons why she might have been given away.

“I haven’t blamed her [Pamela],” she said.

“At that age, it was the 60s. If you became pregnant what do you do?

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“I just want to see where my roots are. Perhaps I have a brother or sister, maybe cousins.”

As a baby, Liza was called Caroline Jane before the National Children’s Adoption Association in Knightsbridge found adoptive parents for her.

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She first went to live in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield before moving to Wales at the age of eight.

“Life was great,” she continued.

“I had a lovely childhood and was very happy.”

Liza, an only child, and her adopted parents, then moved to Llangollen, Wales, where they bought a hotel.

She began her search 10 years ago to find her roots.

“You want to know where you’re from,” she added.

“She [Pamela] might be dead. She would be around 72 now.”

According to Liza’s birth certificate, her mother worked in a solicitor’s office and her father was a 22-year-old university student.

“Sometimes you have a breast examination and they say, have you got any history of it in your family and you haven’t got any idea.

“It would just put things to rest.

“It’s not to blame. I think if I was in those circumstances you wouldn’t know what to do, especially in those days.”

Can you help Liza with her search? If so, please contact Ann-Marie Abbasah on 020184773892 or email with information.

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