'Stepping stone': New scouting group for younger children launches in Ardleigh Green

Ardleigh Green Learning Federation headmaster John Morris visited the Sixth Squirrels Heath scout group squirrels. 

Ardleigh Green Learning Federation headmaster John Morris visited the Sixth Squirrels Heath scout group squirrels. - Credit: Danny Lucchesi

A new group to give young children a "stepping stone" into the world of scouting has launched in Ardleigh Green. 

Previously, youngsters who wanted to get involved with the scouting world would have to wait until they were six years old with the beavers. 

However, in July last year, Scouts UK launched squirrels, a group for four- to six-year-olds. 

On May 23, the Sixth Squirrels Heath scout group launched their new squirrels group in Ardleigh Green - the second in Hornchurch.

It will be led by Danny Lucchesi and his assistant Terry Talbot.

There are already 17 children signed up for the group, all of whom are pupils at Ardleigh Green Learning Federation.

Headmaster John Morris has appeared as a special guest as a surprise for the new recruits.

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The squirrels will teach children early-stage life skills, covering topics from science and the outdoors to teamwork, Danny said.

He said: “The kids are working towards a superhero badge, which they showcase to the other kids.

"This will finish with meeting police officers, providing the opportunity to be more comfortable around them, teaching the children that they’re there to help.”

The group meets at Brooks Hall in Hornchurch on Mondays at 4pm.

Find out more at https://familyserviceshub.havering.gov.uk/kb5/havering/directory/service.page?id=IiHOxFgzWtE