A flag-waving culture day for people from different backgrounds around the world has been held at a Dagenham care home.

Staff at Park View Care Home decorated four marquee tents and served up food reflecting different traditions — east European, Asian and African-Caribbean as well as British.

“Promoting diverse cultures has a positive impact for the wellbeing of the people we care for,” Park View’s Penny Roberts explained. 

“We embraced different traditional dress, food, music, arts and beliefs which are the foundation on which we all build our identity.” 

Flag-waving culture day at Dagenham care homeFlag-waving culture day at Dagenham care home (Image: Barchester)

Staff cooked for the residents and their relatives and hired a DJ and singer for entertainment, even laying on a candy floss machine and tombola. 

The care home in Morland Road uses culture and art as part of its 24-hour nursing and residential dementia care where staff focus on individual needs with a tailored care plan for each person, using memories of their lives.