With Euro 2024 fever gripping the nation, one man in Romford has taken his patriotism for England to another level. 

Jeffrey Dartford has been running a market stall selling England memorabilia from Romford's very own market in Market Place. 

The footie fan sells all sorts of products from flags, bottle openers and even hats. 

Jeffrey's stall is located in Market Place, RomfordJeffrey's stall is located in Market Place, Romford (Image: Olivia Carter) Jeffrey said: "I've been selling, done all the England games from ten years ago from this market. 

"I started two weeks ago selling it here (for Euro 2024). 

"It's been really, really good. Today's (June 21) a little bit slow because we drew last night but apart from that, everyone's loving it, everyone's buying it."

The seller is even flying out to watch England play Slovenia in Cologne The seller is even flying out to watch England play Slovenia in Cologne (Image: Olivia Carter) In their last match against Denmark, the England team drew 1-1 after Morten Hjulmand scored a goal following Harry Kane's. 

England are set to play their next game against Slovenia tomorrow (June 25) where it is hoped they will continue to push through into the next round. 

Jeffrey is flying out to Germany to watch the game.

He has his own predictions for England's luck this year. He said: "My predictions for the next game, I think we're going to win three-nil and it's going to lift all the country up again. 

Jeffrey sells a range of products, with his most popular being large flags and buntingJeffrey sells a variety of England-themed goods (Image: Olivia Carter) "I've spoken to loads of people today (June 21) and they've all got the hump. I speak to a lot of them.

"They've all been saying 'your stuff should be selling for half price now' but we're gonna win three-nil, play in the next round, we're going to win that and we're going to go all the way to the final. 

"We're going to win the final."

In their last match, Harry Kane scored their lone goal before Denmark scored 34 minutes in Jeffrey says his most popular items are bunting or large flags (Image: Olivia Carter) Despite the last game, the stall keeper says people are still lapping up his products. 

The most popular items to purchase from his stall is the bunting or large flags, he says.

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The stall holder is expecting the team to go all the way this yearThe stall holder is expecting the team to go all the way this year (Image: Olivia Carter) Jeffrey said: "Speaking to the public, I'm one of these people who speaks to everybody. It's so vibrant down here, everybody comes here. It's lovely. 

"Days like this when the sun is out, it's really nice. Everyone chats to you. I love the markets so much. 

"They love West Ham here, and they love England and all. Even the old grannies come here, they have a chat with me, they love it."