A man was stabbed to death with “at least” two different knives as well as being shot with an air gun.

Olsi Kuka was killed after a group of men broke into his flat off Whetstone High Road looking for drugs and money.

The attack, which left the 30-year-old with multiple stab wounds and four metal ball-bearings in his scalp, took place on May 11, 2022.

During a trial at the Old Bailey, jurors heard that a group of men travelled to Olsi’s home in two Mercedes at 3am that morning.

The group forced entry to the home and attacked Olsi, stabbing him numerous times.

They then ransacked his flat while searching for drugs and money.

Emergency services were called to Olsi’s home after the group fled the scene, but he died a short time later.

A post-mortem examination found “at least” two different knives were used in the attack, as well as an air gun.

Police used CCTV and mobile phone data to identify the five men involved in the attack.

It was also discovered that one of the Mercedes was used on a reconnaissance trip to Olsi’s flat four days before his murder.

A police dog called Monty was able to find £8,000 in cash that the group had not found, hidden in the headboard of a bed.

Police have said this helped provide "vital evidence" that secured convictions in the case.

Romford Recorder: A police dog called Monty was able to find £8,000 in cash that the group had not foundA police dog called Monty was able to find £8,000 in cash that the group had not found (Image: Metropolitan Police)

Reuben Bernard, 19, of Wootton in Northampton, was convicted of Olsi’s murder after a trial in June 2023.

Two other men from Waltham Forest - Daige Ramsey, 25, of Winchester Road, and Santana Thompson, 21, of Aldriche Way – were convicted of manslaughter yesterday (May 9).

Ozan Seran 28, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on April 2, the first day of the trial.

A fifth man – Bulent Bakir, 27 of Old Road in Enfield – was convicted of conspiracy to rob.

Romford Recorder: Bulent Bakir was convicted of conspiracy to robBulent Bakir was convicted of conspiracy to rob (Image: Metropolitan Police)

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Rawlinson said: "The violence used in this attack was calculated, vicious and unrelenting.

"The five men had planned to rob Olsi and were prepared to use any force necessary in order to get what they wanted.”

All five men will be sentenced at the Old Bailey at a later date.