Firefighters have helped rescue an 11-week old puppy that found itself trapped between a garden wall and a conservatory in Hornchurch.

London Fire Bridge (LFB) was called to a close off St Leonards Way by the puppy’s worried owner after it became stuck on the morning of April 26.

The German Shepherd, called Cleo, had managed to crawl eight feet along a gap, before becoming wedged with her paws in the air, unable to move.

Firefighters were forced to dismantle part of the conservatory to reach Cleo, who was then quickly reunited with her relieved owner.

After the incident, Hornchurch Fire Station rebuilt the partially dismantled conservatory so that Cleo’s owner would not have to pay for the costly work themselves.

A LFB spokesperson said: “Firefighters love animals too and we are ready, willing and able to assist distressed or injured animals.

The last thing we want is for people to put themselves at risk rescuing an animal themselves, but we do encourage people to call the RSPCA in the first instance and we will assist if our specialist equipment is required, as in this case.”