Off to Wembley Stadium for an event? Then you may want to check this parking guide.

While there are many public transport options to get to the stadium, it can sometimes be easier to drive and park yourself.

However, as there is limited parking available at Wembley, it's best to be prepared and know what to expect ahead of your event.

So whether you are off to see the football, a concert, American football or even some wrestling, it's worth checking this handy parking guide.

You can find out more details via the Wembley Stadium website.

What are the official car parks for Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium has four main parking centres, the red, green, blue and pink locations.

Blue parking is limited with spaces for wheelchair users and blue badge holders as well as some space for all cars.

The Pink car park has space for cars, coaches, minibuses, limos and limited EV charging spots.

The green car park is just for cars while the red is for cars, motorbikes and blue badge holders.

There is also further information for those heading to Wembley Park of Wembley Arena.

How much does it cost to park at Wembley Stadium?

Parking prices vary depending on the vehicle and circumstances with discounts given to blue badge users.

Blue badge and wheelchair users pay a discounted price of £25 along with a booking fee.

Non-blue badge-holding cars cost £40 with a £2.50 booking fee for Wembley Stadium.

Motorbikes cost £10.25 with a £1 booking fee while EV charging is £40 with a £2.50 booking fee.

Minibuses and limos both cost £75 with a £3.50 booking fee and coaches are £120 with a £5 booking fee.

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Can you park on the street at Wembley Stadium?

You can NOT park on the street around Wembley Stadium, streets are reserved for local residents and Brent Council has strict parking rules for event days which if broken could result in fines.

Should I use 'pop-up' car parks at Wembley?

It is encouraged not to use private car parks at Wembley, as the stadium shares: "many private car parks appear on event days, but be warned:

"They probably don’t have the correct insurance in place – so you’re not covered if something happens to your car and they’re at fault;

"They’re not patrolled, so car crime can – and does – happen;

"Poor lighting means they’re difficult to navigate for cars and people. Ouch!"

Do I have to pay the ULEZ at Wembley Stadium?

Wembley does come under the ULEZ meaning if your vehicle is not complaint you will need to pay a charge of £12.50.