A woman has set up an appeal for help to save her much-loved British Bulldog's eyesight.

Two-year-old Ivy caught a nasty eye infection which forced vets to sew her lids shut to ease the pain, her owner Kelly Woolfe said.

Kelly, who has lived in Rainham for four years, said the problems began on March 3 after she found Ivy could not open her right eye.

Rainham-based Essex Vets gave Ivy painkillers, Kelly said, but a week-and-a-half later the bulldog was "screaming" in agony, forcing her to return on Saturday March 23.

"She was screaming and honestly it was awful, the screaming she was doing, so we took her straight back up there [to Essex Vets]," Kelly, a travel advisor, said.

According to Kelly, the vets carried out the operation to close her eyelids that day.

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Romford Recorder: Ivy following an emergency procedure which sealed her eyes shutIvy following an emergency procedure which sealed her eyes shut (Image: Kelly Woolfe)

Kelly said her and partner Garry do not receive financial support, so it has been difficult to find the money to fund Ivy's treatment, which is estimated to cost at least £2,000.

Ivy was due to see a specialist in Suffolk today to see if she can have surgery to re-open her eyes.

Since becoming blind, the impact on Ivy and her family has been considerable.

“It has been quite heartbreaking to be honest,” Kelly said. “We’ve had to build a new routine around her – obviously she’s more needy from not being able to see.”

Despite this, Kelly said Ivy remains in high spirits and had kept a brave face.

“It really upsets me to see it, [but] its so amazing that she’s not actually depressed herself – she’s still wagging her stumpy little tail, loving cuddles, giving her paw.

“She’s generally okay, so we’re just hoping and praying if they can save her sight.

"It will just be a better life for her and us to know she can see and see us,” Kelly said.

You can donate to Kelly’s fundraiser for Ivy's treatment here.