Train timetable changes, which will see an increase in off-peak services in east London, have been announced.

East London and South Essex rail firm c2c has released details of the changes set to come into force from Sunday, June 2.

The updated timetable includes the addition of two new morning peak services running Monday through Friday from Shoeburyness and Leigh-on-Sea to Fenchurch Street.

Two more hourly off-peak services, also from Monday to Friday, will be introduced.

These additions will run in both directions from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness.

The introduction of these off-peak services means that many stations on the c2c route will offer customers a four trains per hour, 15-minute service.

Full details of the timetable changes

Mondays to Fridays (peak) from June 2 2024:

A new 7.08am service from Leigh-on-Sea will call at all stations to Basildon, then West Ham, Limehouse, and finish at Fenchurch Street.

A new 7.45am service from Shoeburyness will call at all stations to Chalkwell, then Basildon, West Horndon, Upminster, West Ham, Limehouse, and then end at Fenchurch Street.

The 6.45am service from Shoeburyness to London Fenchurch Street, which will now depart at 6.48am, and will no longer stop at Pitsea, Basildon, West Ham, or Limehouse.

Mondays to Fridays (off-peak) from June 2 2024:

The following additional and amended off-peak services will call at all stations via Basildon, excluding West Horndon and Pitsea:

  • Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness: 9.19am and then every 30 minutes to 2.49pm, then 8.19pm and every 30 minutes to 10.19pm
  • 10.58pm Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness
  • Shoeburyness to Fenchurch Street: 10.11am and then every 30 minutes to 3.11pm
  • 6.47pm, 7.14pm, 7.42pm, 8.11pm, 8.41pm, 9.11pm and 9.41pm Shoeburyness to Fenchurch Street

The 11.04pm Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness will now depart at 11.15pm.

c2c's managing director, Rob Mullen, said: "We continually review and monitor our passenger numbers, frequency and times of services and train capacities to ensure that we operate an efficient and reliable service which meets the needs of customers.

"Our scheduling teams keep a close eye on passenger movements and changing travel patterns, and I am delighted that we are in a position where we can introduce two additional morning peak services, while also doubling the number of off-peak services we run between Fenchurch Street and Shoeburyness (via Basildon) each Monday to Friday.

"The increase in the frequency of off-peak services - back to four trains per hour – means that many of our customers will have access to an additional 190 services each week."

For full details of the timetable changes from June 2 go to the National Rail Enquiries website