A BBC documentary tracking Havering’s financial crisis - which almost saw it declare itself effectively bankrupt -  airs later today.

The BBC Panorama film titled Paying More For Less: Councils in Crisis explores why many town halls across the UK are in financial turmoil.

With journalist Alison Holt at the helm, the film starts at a point when Havering Council announced last September it might have to declare itself bankrupt in six months.

Romford Recorder: BBC's Social Affairs Correspondent, Alison Holt featured in the documentaryBBC's Social Affairs Correspondent, Alison Holt featured in the documentary (Image: BBC)Havering's chief finance officer Kathy Freeman is interviewed, who discusses the difficult spending cuts the council has to consider in order to generate some savings.

The film explores how the council got into its financial position, which it says is not by mismanagement of funds but owing to a decrease in government funding to local authorities that hasn’t kept pace with the demographic changes of the borough.

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It also features a Romford mum whose 17-year-old autistic son has to rely on the council for support. With school transport changes proposed for about 420 students with special education needs and disabilities, Alison narrates how the change could impact their lives.

Romford Recorder: Romford mum Ila and her son Harley as seen in the filmRomford mum Ila and her son Harley as seen in the film (Image: BBC)The documentary also looks into the borough's issues with housing and homelessness, and how the council is having to house hundreds of families in hotels.

A BBC spokesperson said that the documentary was filmed over five months in Havering.

It concludes with the news of the council receiving a £54m government loan to balance its budgets and avoid having to declare bankruptcy.

Council leader Ray Morgon tells Alison: “It’s relief on one hand, but it is only kicking the can down the road, and we’ll be probably in the same position next year."

A Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities spokesperson has previously said the government announced an extra “£600m support package” for councils in England.

They added: “Councils are responsible for their own finances and set council tax levels, but we have been clear they should be mindful of cost-of living pressures."

Paying More For Less: Councils in Crisis will be aired at 8pm tonight on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.