The flag has been flying to mark Commonwealth Day with the Mayor of Brentwood affirming Britain’s commitment to the Commonwealth of Nations.

Cllr Gareth Barrett led the annual pageantry at Brentwood Council on March 11 to mark the link between all British Commonwealth countries.

The theme this year is ‘One Resilient Common Future’ highlighting how the 56 member states in Europe, the Americas, Pacific, Asia and Africa harness their strengths, fostering a community of nations.

“Commonwealth Day celebrates our vast diversity,” the mayor said. “Flying the Commonwealth flag shows our support for Britain’s participation in this important international institution, of which King Charles is the head.”

The Mayor recited the Commonwealth Affirmation before raising the flag, for “every person who possesses unique dignity, for our desire for peace among all peoples and for justice for everyone, everywhere”.

It also affirms respect for the natural world, to be stewards of the earth by working together to care for it.