The prime minister Rishi Sunak said he looks forward to visiting Romford "at the earliest opportunity" after being invited by Andrew Rosindell.

Mr Rosindell urged Mr Sunak to “come to Romford Market” and “follow the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher” during Prime Minister's Questions today (February 21).

The Romford MP asked the PM if he would be willing to meet his constituents in person to which the PM said he “looks forward to visiting Romford at the earliest opportunity”.

Romford Recorder: MP Andrew Rosindell speaking during PMQsMP Andrew Rosindell speaking during PMQs (Image: Andrew Rosindell MP/X)

Mr Rosindell said he had spent a lot of time with the “law abiding, tax paying, hardworking, patriotic” people of Romford in recent months and they have been “telling them what they think”.

It comes after he did not attend the House of Commons for almost two years after being arrested in 2022 on suspicion of alleged historic sex offences.

Last week, the Met Police confirmed Mr Rosindell would face no further action.

Mr Rosindell asked: “Will he (the PM) come with me to Romford Market, follow the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher, meet the people of Romford? Because the one thing I can tell you they don’t want is to be taken back into the European Union by a socialist government."

He demanded a “radical plan to control immigration and stop illegal immigration” into the country, more policing to control crimes in Havering and a fair funding settlement for the borough.

Mr Sunak welcomed the MP “back to his place” in response and said he “agreed with everything he (Mr Rosindell) said”. Details of any potential visit are unknown.