Two Romford councillors have offered their reaction to today's stabbing at the Brewery shopping centre, with one calling for the town to "pull together".

A man was found stabbed in the back after Met Police were called to the shopping centre in the town at 12.52pm today (February 20). An update on his condition has not been given.

Shoppers were forced to evacuate and the venue was closed following the incident.

Councillor David Taylor, of St Edwards ward, said his prayers are with the victim and their family, and with those who will be afraid on hearing the news.

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He urged people in Romford to “pull together as a town” and “look out for those around”.

“Our town is full of amazing people, and amazing police, who I know will be doing all they can right now, he added.

Romford Recorder: David Taylor urged Romford to pull togetherDavid Taylor urged Romford to pull together (Image: David Taylor)

He said he is also set to announce details for an urgent “knife crime summit” that he is arranging with community leaders.

“It is my belief that we can turn Romford around and make this a great place to live. Enough is enough", he added.

A councillor of nearby St Albans ward, Jane Keane, who attends safer neighbourhood meetings with the police, said the stabbing was “very distressing” for the victim and his family, and for the shoppers and workers at the Brewery.

She said: “It is also I am sure very distressing for the police who work so hard to make the town centre safe."

While she awaits further details on the circumstances of the incident, she said she hopes witnesses and people with information will come forward to help with the investigation.

Romford Recorder: Jane Keane described the stabbing as very distressingJane Keane described the stabbing as very distressing (Image: Jane Keane)

No arrests have been made so far.

The Recorder spoke to one shopper who was at the Brewery with two young children.

She said: "We just wanted to get as far [out] as possible as we could.

"We were with an eight-year-old and a seven-year-old [and] we didn't want them to get scared."

Daniel Farooque, who has been store manager of Dr Gadgets Romford in Brewery Walk for ten years, added: "I saw people rushing back and forth.

"It's surprising because there's a lot of security here.

"It's very worrying that this happened."