Recorder readers have dubbed the new London Overground line names a "complete waste of money".

Changes to names and colours of London Overground lines have sparked fury amongst residents on Facebook.

The renaming and re-colouring, costing £6.3 million, are part of a drive to simplify the transport network as well as celebrating London's cultural heritage.

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Romford Recorder readers took to Facebook to share their views on the plans.

Andy Horlock called the name changes a "complete waste of our money", especially "at a time when the people, not just in London, but all over the country are struggling financially".

Ian James summed up the views of many, saying the plans are an "absolute waste of time, money and effort", while Nicola Holmes simply said "make our streets safe stop wasting money".

Other readers called the changes "a load of rubbish".

The London Overground lines, all orange since 2007, will adopt their new colours and names in the autumn.

The six lines will be called Lioness, Mildmay, Windrush, Weaver, Suffragette and Liberty.

The Liberty line, running between Romford and Upminster, has got its name after the Royal Liberty of Havering.

Romford Recorder: The new Liberty line runs between Romford and UpminsterThe new Liberty line runs between Romford and Upminster (Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the name “references the historical independence of the people of Havering”.

However, some residents argued that Mr Khan had the wrong focus with these changes.

Sue Richardson said on Facebook that the £6.3 million should instead be "spent on cleaning up the high pollution levels on underground lines, especially the Central line".

Mathew Watson pointed out: "It may get interesting when things go wrong:
'Severe delays on Windrush, Liberty is suspended, cancellations on the Suffragette'.

"To me doesn’t sound great…"

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Kim Arrowsmith defended the move, saying: "I don't always agree with the current mayor but the tangle of different orange coloured lines on the Tube map has become more difficult to navigate as the network has grown.

"This needed doing."

The mayor hopes this transformation will make navigating London’s transport network "simpler and easier" by getting rid of the confusing "mass of orange spaghetti" on maps.

Mr Khan said: "This is a hugely exciting moment, transforming how we think about London’s transport network.

"In reimagining London’s Tube map, we are also honouring and celebrating different parts of London’s unique local history and culture."

Most of the overhaul's £6.3 million cost will go towards updating customer information, redesigning and redisplaying maps, and updating around 6,000 station direction signs.

The changes will be implemented over a week in the autumn.

Councillor David Taylor, from the St Edwards ward in Romford, has been campaigning for the Romford to Upminster line to be called Liberty for the past year.

He said he was "thrilled” that Transport for London “listened to the campaign”.

He added: “The reference to Liberty reflects how Havering has a history of being self-governing, instead of being just another part of London."