The upcoming closure of a bank in Hornchurch has sparked concern amongst residents.

Banking giant Barclays recently announced that its branch in High Street will shut permanently on May 17.

The bank said that less than ten customers frequently use the branch as their only means of banking, arguing that more than 90 per cent of clients now use phone, online and app services.

Yet, criticisms from residents have erupted on social media, with one calling the closure "ridiculous".

Stevie Hulce said on Facebook that the news was "totally shocking and out of order".

Elderly residents, who may prefer face-to-face banking services, will need to travel to Romford, the location of the nearest Barclays branch, after the closure.

Sue Vosloo said: "I am nearly 70 now, it means I have to go all the way to Romford.

"Not everything can be done online and there are very few ATMs."

Sandra Smith added: "I too feel sorry for people who struggle with this cashless society and fall victim to online fraud."

Many social media users questioned what their options will be for face-to-face enquiries.

Marilyn Lucas commented on Facebook: "I feel for the people who do not use a mobile, the internet or travel to Romford which is the nearest branch now.

"How long before that branch closes too leaving us with no actual bank for face to face enquiries and help?"

Barclays has suggested customers who cannot use online banking services after the closure instead use local post offices to withdraw or pay in cash.

A spokesperson for Barclays said: "Our local leadership teams look at how branches are used before making the decision to close a branch, which is then agreed at national level before we make it public.

"If you have any concerns or would like to talk to us about this closure, or you’d like some help with what to do once it’s closed, please get in touch.

"You can call us on 03457 3453452, or email Ian Lovelock, your deputy customer care director for Essex at"

Barclays is also planning to shut down its Brentwood branch at the end of May.