London is set to be hit with heavy rain over the coming days as the Met Office issues a yellow weather warning for the region.

Covering much of the South of England and parts of Wales, all of London will be covered by the warning that will last from 2am Thursday, February 8 until 6am Friday, February 9.

The Met Office shared that the weather will see "Periods of heavy rain will bring the possibility of some disruption, particularly to transport."

The weather forecaster added that it is likely that homes and businesses will be flooded due to the rain and that bus and train services will probably be affected with journey times taking longer.

London issued a yellow weather warning for rain

You can see the full weather forecast via the Met Office.

Giving further details on what to expect from the rain, a Met Office spokesperson said: "A couple of bands of rain, heavy in places, will push northwards across southern England and south Wales during Thursday and early on Friday.

"Whilst a drier interlude is likely for a time during the middle part of Thursday, many places in the warning area will see 15-25 mm of rain accumulate during this period.

"However, some higher ground areas of southern England and south Wales could see as much as 35-45 mm of rain."

The Met Office is advising you to check your property in case it is at risk of flooding and to avoid delays by checking road conditions.

There is also a warning of power cuts caused by flooding, so make sure you have torches and batteries, a mobile phone power pack and other essential items.