Romford has been predicted to unseat its long-standing Conservative MP and swing to Labour in a new election survey by pollsters.

A YouGov model, commissioned by the Conservative Britain Alliance and released last night (January 15), shows that Labour would win Romford if a general election was held now.

The model, using data from 14,110 respondents who answered between December 12 in 2023 and January 4 this year, predicted that Labour would win a huge majority nationwide.

YouGov data forecasts Romford, which Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell has held since 2001, would narrowly go to Labour with a one per cent advantage over the Tories.

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Romford Recorder: Mr Rosindell is Romford's sitting MP but this could change, according to YouGovMr Rosindell is Romford's sitting MP but this could change, according to YouGov (Image: Andrew Rosindell)

Hornchurch and Upminster, whose sitting MP is Julia Lopez, is predicted to be retained by the Conservatives but by just 1 per cent with 34pc of the vote.

Dagenham and Rainham, now represented by Jon Cruddas who is to step down at the next general election, is predicted to see Labour take 50pc of the vote, beating the Conservatives on 28pc.

Keir Starmer would have a 120-seat majority nationwide, according to YouGov.

Under the projections, Labour would win 385 House of Commons seats, marking a 183-seat increase for the party since the last election in 2019.

The Conservatives would fall to just 169, losing 196 seats compared to the previous election.