The former manager of a gadget brand's Romford store said he felt "distraught" and "let down" after being laid off only four months into the job when the shop was closed.

Jaffa Khan, 28, of Ilford, who managed Menkind in the Mercury shopping centre, Romford, was made redundant by the retailer this month, he said.

Menkind told Jaffa he would be made redundant just five days before Christmas, he claimed.

The branch only opened last September and closed just four months later on January 8, Jaffa said.

A Menkind spokesperson said it was forced to shut the Mercury branch since it had "performed below our expectations", but Jaffa disputed this.

The spokesperson added four staff were made redundant and two found roles in another store.

"I feel let down and embarrassed," Jaffa said. "We had a good amount of customers coming in, business was doing well.

"Going into January without a job can be really difficult - I was very upset and quite distraught, especially the amount of effort that went into the store."

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Romford Recorder: MenKind opened on September 25, but closed on January 8, according to its former store managerMenKind opened on September 25, but closed on January 8, according to its former store manager (Image: Mercury Shopping Centre)

Jaffa added that he has not been able to find a job since the store shut and was not offered a job at another nearby Menkind store.

"It was a stressful time," he said. "They said they couldn't take me anywhere [locally] and they only offered me a role in Bristol - I can't travel there."

According to Jaffa, he was invited for redundancy talks with his area manager.

He said took the opportunity to criticise the company for hiring people full-time and letting them go a few months later.

"I said that in the future if you're going to put vacancies up, put in the job description that this is a temporary role - I did turn down other job opportunities for this.

"Don't open shops just to close them - it makes me wonder if they opened it just as a pop-up shop just to make some quick money."

He claimed that he was not given any severance pay or extra money.

On his next steps and finding employment in January amid a tough economic climate, Jaffa said. "It is going to be very difficult but somehow I will manage.

"I just wasn't expecting Menkind to be that sort of company."

A Menkind spokesperson said: “We are always looking for opportunities to open new Menkind stores, unfortunately the store in Romford performed below our expectations, hence we have taken the difficult decision to close the store.

"We are pleased that we have been able to find roles for two of the team in another Menkind store, the other four team members have been made redundant.

"For Romford customers the nearest Menkind store is at Lakeside Shopping Centre.”