Upminster is home to several eateries of all sorts and we tried one of its newest such offerings.

Indian takeaway MIAHS opened its doors in Corbets Tey Road in November, promising an extensive vegan menu and quality food.

Romford Recorder: The exterior of the takeawayThe exterior of the takeaway (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)We paid it a visit and found the menu has a wide variety of options for what appears to be just a regular takeaway.

With biryanis, samosas, chaat items, curries, naan breads, set meals, tandoori dishes, vegan starters, vegan side dishes ajnd vegan meal deals on offer, it stands true to its claims.

I decided to try my forever favourite vegetable biryani with a side of mixed vegetable curry, samosas and poppadoms - all priced within a very affordable range.

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My first impressions when the food was laid on the table were that the portions were large and enough for two people, making it a more wholesome lunch/dinner option than a local supermarket meal deal.

Romford Recorder: The portions were big and enough for two peopleThe portions were big and enough for two people (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)As a lifelong eater of Indian food, I have been accustomed to adjusting my palate to the westernised version of the cuisine.

Digging into the biryani however took me back to the streets of Mumbai with its blend of spices, veg and chickpeas, cooked to perfection. It was filling, non-pretentious and packing a strong punch of flavours.

Romford Recorder: The vegetable biryani is also suitable for vegansThe vegetable biryani is also suitable for vegans (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)The level of hotness, I was told, is adaptable to people’s preferences but I would recommend leaving the green chillies in for those who can take the heat.

The curry was equally sumptuous, luscious and went perfectly well with the main dish. The samosas and other sides were well made and pleasing to the taste buds.

For the dessert, I was recommended the chocolate cake which was mostly delightful but missed the mark a little with its hard texture. 

Romford Recorder: The chocolate cake needed some softening but tasted wellThe chocolate cake needed some softening but tasted well (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)While it is primarily a takeaway, there is some seating available on site. MIAHS does not serve alcohol if you choose to eat at the venue but there are good options for other drinks like a strawberry mojito.

Romford Recorder: The strawberry mojito paired well with the spicy hot foodThe strawberry mojito paired well with the spicy hot food (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)The setting itself looked very neat, well cared for by a team that seemed warm, courteous, and eager to share their passion for the cuisine.

For those looking for exciting vegan options and others, I would say it's well worth giving this humble takeaway a shot.