Throughout the month of February, we’re telling the story of the 21 teenagers who were murdered in 2023. Our campaign, The 21, seeks to remember every victim as a young person with a family and their whole life ahead of them. We want to change the culture of kids carrying knives and becoming involved in violence.

This is the face of Khaled Saleh, a 17-year-old boy who was stabbed to death in Westminster in 2023.

Name: Khaled Saleh

Age: 17

From: Westminster

Here is a timeline of events and everything we know so far about his death:

Monday, June 19:

Khaled Saleh was found injured in Paddington Green just after 1.40pm on June 19.

The 17-year-old was pronounced dead at 2.15pm.

No arrests were made following the incident. 

Thursday, June 22:

A 16-year-old boy was arrested and appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court charged with the murder of Khaled.

Two other teenage boys were also arrested on suspicion of murder.

One of the boys was released on bail.

Thursday, 22 February: 

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, a teenager was found guilty of manslaughter.

The 17-year-old boy – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was identified by an officer which led to his arrest.

Detective Inspector Ollie Stride, who led the investigation for one of the Met’s homicide teams, said: “The violence used in this attack left Khaled with little chance of survival.

“The defendant was in the park in possession of a knife when he was approached by a group including Khaled.

"He had many options but chose to attack Khaled, who was unarmed, stabbing him once and continuing to attack him after he had stumbled to the floor and could not defend himself.

"He then fled with his two associates leaving Khaled dying on the floor while shocked park-goers desperately tried to save his life.

“This was a truly shocking scene and one which starkly outlines the devastating consequences of carrying a knife.”

Detectives found that within an hour of the stabbing, the suspect removed the SIM card from his mobile phone and wiped it in an attempt to evade detection.

A search of an address linked to the defendant also recovered a distinctive jacket he had been seen wearing in the CCTV of the attack.

While the weapon used to attack Khaled has not been recovered, following a search of a separate address used by the defendant a large knife was found.

The boy, who was 16 at the time of the attack, tried to claim he acted in self-defence but CCTV clearly showed that while Khaled had approached him, he had not been physically threatened before producing the knife and carrying out his deadly attack.

He was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing at the same court on a date to be confirmed.

Newsquest London does not have information on any further developments on this case.