Havering has an abundance of green spaces and parks so we have rounded up a selection of photos from yesteryear.

From bright flowerbeds at Cottons Park in Romford to a tranquil lake in Hornchurch's Harrow Lodge Park, look back at these historic images from across the borough since the 1930s.

Raphael Park in Romford taken in 1930

Romford Recorder: A postcard view of Raphael Park in Romford A postcard view of Raphael Park in Romford (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This is a photo of Raphael Park in Romford taken in August 1930 where a mother can be seen pushing her baby, according to Havering Libraries.

Raphael Park was formally opened on June 2 in 1904. It was named after Mr and Mrs Raphael of Romford who handed over the Gift of the Deed in 1902, Havering Libraries added.

Across the lake you can also pick out houses on Lake Rise, estimated to have been built around 1927.

Cottons Park in Romford circa 1964

Romford Recorder: Cottons Park on London RoadCottons Park on London Road (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Havering Libraries said that the photo may be looking towards Recreation Avenue in Romford.

A commenter on Facebook said the houses on the left could look onto London Road.

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Bedfords Park in Havering-atte-Bower circa 1967

Romford Recorder: The Bedfords Park Visitors Centre in 1967The Bedfords Park Visitors Centre in 1967 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

The building to the centre left is Bedfords Park Visitor Centre.

A deer enclosure, 215 acres of land and mature woodland are some of Bedford Park's attractions.

The premises, formerly a mansion house, was replaced by this "modern cafeteria" in 1964, added Havering Libraries.

Harrow Lodge Park in Hornchurch circa 1980s

Romford Recorder: Swans on a lake in Harrow Lodge ParkSwans on a lake in Harrow Lodge Park (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Here you can see swans and cygnets on the lake at Harrow Lodge Park in the 1980s.

The photo is looking towards Warren Drive in Elm Park, according to Havering Libraries.

Harrow Lodge Park, bought by Hornchurch Urban District Council in 1936, remains a popular place today with playgrounds, cafes and rich wildlife.

It is one of 16 parks in Havering to have the Green Flag Award.

Hylands Park in Hornchurch around the 1930s

Romford Recorder: Hylands Park in Hornchurch around 1930sHylands Park in Hornchurch around 1930s (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This is a postcard showing an aerial view of Hylands Park from the 1930s.

On the left you can see a cricket pitch with a football field to the right.

Around the fields you can also pick out the trotting track which covers 22 acres, according to Havering Libraries.

Hylands Park opened in June 1929, Havering Libraries added.

Clockhouse Gardens in Upminster, 1962

Romford Recorder: Clockhouse Gardens in Upminster 1962Clockhouse Gardens in Upminster 1962 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

The Upminster gardens in St Mary's Lane opened in 1939.

This photo is from 1969 and shows bright red and yellow flowers in neat rows either side of a path.

"The planting here is characteristic of public parks in the period," Havering Libraries added.