There was more than just the new year to celebrate for some - with the arrival of a number of babies at one east London hospital.

Ezel Pekedis was one of those who just could not wait to come into the world and decided to arrive to the sound of the New Year’s Day fireworks.

He was born less than an hour into 2024, three weeks ahead of his January 22 due date.

Ezel was among 16 babies born on the first day of the year at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, the same as on Christmas Day.

He turned up at 12.55am after keeping midwives and his mum Andreea and dad Sabahatullah in suspense over whether he would have a 2023 or 2024 date of birth.

The couple, from East Ham, were visiting Andreea’s sister in Romford when her waters broke around 11.30am on New Year’s Eve. Luckily, it was just around the corner from Queen’s.

“It was totally unexpected,” 27-year-old Andreea said. “I just wanted to get to the nearest hospital quickly.

“I didn’t start having contractions until around 8pm, then they got really strong.

“It was a wonderful experience and I could hear all the fireworks.”

Another baby who also did not wait long into 2024 to make her entrance was little Aamna Khan, born just over half-an-hour later at 1.32am.

Romford Recorder: Moneeb, 9, and Obaid, 6, with their new little sister Aamna KhanMoneeb, 9, and Obaid, 6, with their new little sister Aamna Khan (Image: BHRUT)

But Aamna had taken her time, being two weeks overdue from her intended December 17 birth date.

Dad Masoud, 40, and mum Nadia, 33, from Ilford, already have two sons — Moneeb aged nine and Obaid who is six, both excited to welcome their new sister.

“They just want her at home with them,” Masoud said. “We thought she would come before Christmas. But Aamna didn’t want to come in the old year and waited for the new one.”

Meanwhile, first-time parents Premjith Pilakkal, 30, and Sreelakshmy Babu, 29, have a job on their hands deciding on a name for their baby girl born at 2.40am.

Romford Recorder: A baby girl born to Premjith Pilakkal and Sreelakshmy BabuA baby girl born to Premjith Pilakkal and Sreelakshmy Babu (Image: BHRUT)

Premjith said: “We have a few names on the list, but we’ve not finalised it yet.”

The baby was not due until January 5 but the couple came in early for an induction as mum has diabetes.