A woman has claimed black mould in her council home has exacerbated her health problems and threatens those of her five-month-old baby.

Daniella Dunmore, 30, who lives in Cross Road, Collier Row with her partner Reggie and baby Ronnie, said she was recently rushed to hospital by ambulance after suffering a seizure. 

She claimed this was from the continuing stress of living with mould and said she now has seizures around once every fortnight.

The Recorder has seen an email from a specialist nurse at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust to Daniella in which they acknowledged that mould could contribute to stress-induced seizures.

Daniella added that she fears even more that Ronnie, who she said was born with pneumonia and suspected sepsis, could end up back in hospital.

“Now it's (the mould) in the room my baby has got to sleep in - it's getting really bad and it's growing.

"I don’t want him to end up back in hospital," she added.

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Romford Recorder: Daniella claims the black mould has been spreadingDaniella claims the black mould has been spreading (Image: Daniella Dunmore)

Daniella first reported the problem to Havering Council on February 4 in 2021, an email to its housing team shows, but she said the problem has still not been fixed.

She claimed the mould is prolific and can be found in all areas of the home.

“It's not just the one room, it's all around the flat, but my main concern is the bedroom where my baby sleeps - it's all up the wall and it's spreading,” she said.

Daniella, who has taken maternity leave from her job at Romford Snooker Club to care for Ronnie, said this has stopped her from enjoying time with her son.

“I’m meant to be enjoying time with my new baby and I’m having all this stress,” she added.

Accusing the council of failing to take action, she said. "We’ve had people [council staff] come before, they do the cleaning [...] and it just grows back again double as thick.

"It's the final straw, it's like I'm talking to a brick wall with them. It's my baby I've got to think of."

Daniella said on Wednesday (January 3) that a council officer was due to visit a day later to make a report, but doubted the problem would be solved.

A Havering Council spokesperson said: "We have visited this property on multiple occasions to inspect for underlying issues, however the mould appears to be caused by condensation within the home, which is likely linked to the number of residents living in the property.

“We are arranging another mould wash with our contractor, and will provide the tenant with advice on the steps she can take to reduce the condensation and stop mould build-up within her home.

"We will also arrange a full inspection of the windows in her property to ensure they were correctly installed and insulated.

“Unfortunately, there is a high demand for homes in Havering, and we have a robust allocations system in place that ensures a fair chance for everyone in need of housing.

"We are currently reviewing the tenant’s banding on the housing register and have requested further information to support this.”