New data published by Department for Education has revealed primary schools in Havering that have performed the best and worst in 2022-23.

The school performance data for the academic year gives a progress score to the primary school pupils based on their reading, writing and mathematical abilities.

It also shares the percentage of primary school students meeting expected standards in the schools, and the proportion that are achieving at a higher standard.

Pupils are said to be “meeting the standards” if they get a scaled score of 100 or more in their reading and maths tests, and their teachers assess them as such in writing.

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However, DfE has issued a disclaimer that the data should be used with caution given the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 that affected individual schools and pupils differently.

The data, it added, should be considered alongside a range of other information about the school, which could include looking at school websites, reading Ofsted reports, and speaking to the school directly.

Top ten best scoring primary schools in Havering in 2022-23

Nelmes Primary School, Hornchurch – 90 per cent

Hacton Primary School, Hornchurch – 87 per cent

Scotts Primary School, Hornchurch – 87 per cent

Gidea Park Primary School, Romford – 83 per cent

La Salette Catholic Primary School, Rainham – 80 per cent

Upminster Junior School, Upminster – 79 per cent

St Ursula’s Catholic Primary School, Romford – 78 per cent

Benhurst Primary School, Hornchurch- 77 per cent

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Upminster – 77 per cent

Suttons Primary School, Hornchurch – 77pc

Ten lowest scoring primary schools in Havering in 2022-23

Mead Primary School, Romford – 32 per cent

The RJ Mitchell Primary School, Hornchurch – 35 per cent

Rise Park Junior School, Romford – 41 per cent

Parsonage Farm Primary School, Rainham – 44 per cent

Harold Court Primary School, Romford – 44 per cent

Drapers’ Brookside Junior School, Harold Hill – 47 per cent

Drapers’ Maylands Primary School, Harold Hill – 48 per cent

Broadford Primary School, Romford – 51 per cent

Newtons Primary School, Rainham – 52 per cent

Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School, Harold Hill- 52 per cent

Out of 73 schools it listed, data was not said to be available for 24 schools in Havering.

A full list of the schools' performance can be found at