An east London man has been jailed for supporting Islamic State on social media.

Police have said that 42-year-old Kawsor Miah made several social media posts in which he expressed an “extreme Islamist mindset”.

These posts including voicing support for Daesh and acts of “terrorist violence”.

Counter-terrorism police began investigating Miah after an anonymous online report.

The 42-year-old was eventually arrested in March 2022 before facing trial at Kingston Crown Court.

On Wednesday (December 20), Miah was found guilty of one charge of encouraging terrorism, and six counts of showing support for a proscribed organisation.

The next day he was jailed for five years, with an additional three years on licence.

Metropolitan Police Commander Dominic Murphy said: “Our investigation into Miah started as a result of an online report from a member of the public who knew that what Miah was posting online was wrong.

“That person was right to act and contact police. The investigation led to more evidence being gathered, and it was this evidence that resulted in his conviction and jailing.

“This is another example of how information from the public is vital to our efforts to tackle terrorism.”

The Met’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) has had more than 322,000 pieces of content taken down from internet webpages since 2015.