A Plaistow factory built in the 60s has had new life breathed into it by the founder's grandson. 

The factory, originally a bomb crater, was built from the ground up by Wallace Friede as a new premises for his women's clothing production. 

Now Wallace's grandson, Stuart, has given part of the building a brand new purpose. 

The factory was being let out floor by floor and after the Covid-19 lockdowns, opportunity arose for Stuart to take over the lease of the top two floors. 

Wallace was "thrilled" when he was told of Stuart's plan to bring a new co-working space to Plaistow. 

Romford Recorder: Wallace (left) pictured with Stuart (right)Wallace (left) pictured with Stuart (right) (Image: Francine Stacey)

Stuart said it will "bring back some of the original coworking ethic the building was known for and have collaboration with businesses in the building. 

"It will mean bringing something back to the community in an area that is kind of undergoing a regeneration.

"I'm quite pleased to be a little part of that."

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The site will be called The Factory London, a homage to its original use and history. 

It is set to open in January and will welcome a modern co-working environment. 

Businesses can choose from up to 70 hot desks, 10 glass-fronted, air conditioned private offices, and meeting rooms that can seat one to six people. 

Romford Recorder: A sneak peek of the refreshed top two floors of The Factory LondonA sneak peek of the refreshed top two floors of The Factory London (Image: Francine Stacey)

The building will also be home to podcasting facilities and pods. 

Stuart said: "It's been in the same family for nearly 60 years, still there in an area that is being redeveloped and knocked down – we're still here.

"The area has changed a lot since then. It was quite an industrial area back in the 60s, now there’s a lot more residential buildings."

The Factory will mark 60 years since its creation in 2024. 

For more information you can visit The Factory London website.