The families of Jason Moore and Robert Darby visited 10 Downing Street today (December 15), to hand in a petition calling for Jason's release. 

Jason is currently serving a life sentence for stabbing Robert to death in Ilford in 2005 - but both men's families are convinced he is an innocent man. 

They were accompanied by the Rt. Rev Joanne Grenfell, Bishop of Stepney, as they attended Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's home to turn in the petition.

More than 1,700 people had signed it, calling for Jason to be freed from his prison sentence.

It was handed in just three days before the 10th anniversary of Jason's conviction. 

He was convicted at the Old Bailey on December 18, 2013, of stabbing Robert Darby to death outside the Valentine pub in Gants Hill in August 2005. 

Jason was charged with the crime after a single eyewitness picked him out of a photo line-up seven years after the stabbing. 

But in a series of reports earlier this year, Newsquest revealed that on the day of the stabbing, the witness had described Robert's attacker as 5'10" tall with a shaved head and wearing a blue, zip-up jacket.

Jason is 6'4", had his hair in long, thick curtains and was captured on CCTV repeatedly that day wearing a grey hoodie. 

The witness had previously picked out another man (with a shaved head) as the stabber in a 2005 line-up, but he turned out to be an innocent volunteer. 

He had been shown Jason's photograph in a 2005 line-up but had not recognised him at all. 

When Newsquest tracked the witness down and interviewed him, he exclaimed: “It was the blink of the eye! I was passing by! How could you remember things like that? And I was drunk!”

He claimed to have told police at the time that he was drunk, which, if true, was never disclosed to the defence. 

Romford Recorder: Family and friends of Jason Moore and Robert Darby outside 10 Downing Street this afternoon (December 15)Family and friends of Jason Moore and Robert Darby outside 10 Downing Street this afternoon (December 15) (Image: Moore family)

Our reporting sparked a series of public demonstrations calling for Jason's release.

The most recent, in October, was held outside the gates of Downing Street and led by Bishop Joanne, who told the crowd and news cameras that Jason's was "an unsafe conviction".

The delegation handing in the petition today was Bishop Joanne, Jason's sister Kirstie Moore, his girlfriend Sandra Dumont, his uncle Thomas Shaw, Robert Darby's older brother Tim, and Tim's friend John Mortlock.

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