A small business selling Caribbean food in Ilford has gone viral on TikTok.

Sophia Hannah, 23 and Jordan Green, 24 are the owners and founders of We Are Full Foods, which offers Caribbean comfort food.

The business has gained popularity on TikTok since opening earlier this year, amassing more than 86,000 followers and 1million likes for their videos.

It was forced to close in 2022 after Sophia suffered an injury to her foot.

Sophia said: “Jordan really didn't let go of the idea and was keen to start back up again once my foot was better.

“And we had also spent months figuring out TikTok and experimenting with content until we found what worked and built up our personal profile to 100k followers in under six months.


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“At that point, we felt ready to jump back into business, equipped with the knowledge to go all-in with our social media marketing.”

The meal-prep turned Caribbean comfort food shop was previously run from a small market stall but has since moved into a kitchen in Ilford.

Sophia said: “Our families and friends have been incredibly supportive, even when it was just an idea. They have always encouraged us to chase our dreams and to believe in ourselves.

“They've tasted multiple different recipes and given us their honest feedback.

Romford Recorder: The couple have moved from a small market stall to their very own We Are Full Foods kitchenThe couple have moved from a small market stall to their very own We Are Full Foods kitchen (Image: We Are Full Foods - Sophia Hannah, Jordan Green)

“Some of them even came to the stall and worked as employees for the day when we were just starting out and demand was overwhelming."

The pair have racked up 1.3 million likes on their TikTok page and gained 80,000 followers within their first two months. 

After opening in August, they sold out of their stock within two hours on their second day.

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The pair have ambitious plans for the future of We Are Full Foods, hoping to open multiple locations across the UK.

Sophia said: “Our goal has always been to open multiple locations across the UK and eventually have some dine-in restaurants with an expanded menu. 

“Next step in 2024, is to open multiple dark kitchens. And eventually expand to eat-in locations within the medium-term. 

“Our dream for the long-term is to be an internationally recognised name, bringing Caribbean cuisine to the masses and share our love of food and our culture with as many beautiful people as possible.”

Romford Recorder: They are a hit for their Caribbean comfort foodThey are a hit for their Caribbean comfort food (Image: We Are Full Foods - Sophia Hannah, Jordan Green)

Sophia described starting a business as “the most challenging thing both of us have ever done”.

She said: “We have been so fortunate to meet so many incredible people wanting to try our food. We've also had a real variety of demographics, which is amazing.

“Younger, older and a variety of backgrounds - which is exactly what we want for our business.

“It's a dream of ours to share Caribbean cuisine with people from all walks of life, not just our own community.”