A maths teacher told a pupil “you’re a very attractive girl” and said “even in your school uniform I still find you attractive”, a misconduct hearing was told. 

The pupil said he also told her “you’re a kid – this could end my career. I don’t want to end up in newspapers and sh*t", according to a report.

Anshu Taneja, 43, taught at Beal High School in Clayhall when a police investigation was launched regarding his conduct with a female pupil. 

Mr Taneja was interviewed under caution but no criminal charges were brought. 

However, a Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) misconduct panel decided that Mr Taneja had abused his position of trust as a teacher to pursue a future sexual relationship with the pupil.   

It subsequently decided that he should be banned from teaching in England indefinitely. 

At a misconduct hearing last month, Mr Taneja admitted that he obtained the pupil’s number, tried to call her and asked “do you want to meet in the park”. 

He said that he did this because he was offering her tuition. 

However, he denied making other sexually motivated comments. 

But the misconduct panel found a number of allegations against Mr Taneja proved. 

These included that he said “you’re a very attractive girl”, “even in your school uniform I still find you attractive” and “I’m never going to speak to you alone am I?”. 

The panel also found it to be true that he tried to conceal his communications with the pupil. 

He is said to have told her “you’re a kid – this could end my career. I don’t want to end up in newspapers and sh*t” and “if I talk to you will it be in private or will you tell your friends?”. 

The panel stated: “Mr Taneja’s explanation that he had spoken to Pupil A to establish if she wanted tuition from him was implausible and not supported by the evidence presented. If that had been his intention, it was not necessary to speak to Pupil A on her own. 

“He could have made the offer of tuition to other pupils. Instead, he chose to focus on Pupil A in a way that sought to isolate her and conceal his communications with Pupil A from others, including members of staff. 

“The panel found that Mr Taneja had obtained Pupil A’s personal mobile number as a means of communicating with her and that he attempted to make arrangements to meet her out of school hours and out of the school environment, including inviting her to meet him in the park.” 

Mr Taneja will be banned from teaching in England indefinitely.