A Brentwood town centre bar which has had its opening times reduced following the way it handled alleged fights is set to operate as a restaurant.

The licence review for Pink, in High Street, was initiated by Essex Police surrounding alleged fights around the premises and how “the ineffectual actions of security and failures in management have hindered their ability to conduct a satisfactory investigation”.

The force has said CCTV footage from three separate alleged incidents outside the venue in August and September was lost.

Brentwood Council's licencing sub-committee agreed to the force's request to reduce the closing time from 12.45am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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On those days at least three SIA licensed door supervisors should be on duty at the premises from 9pm until at least 30 minutes after the premises has closed, they also decided.

However, owner Conor Latham said he intends to revamp the premises into a restaurant – and the venue already has permission to hold a maximum of 180 people.

He told the committee: ”So the suggested change to the premises licence will not impact that necessarily.”

Police say in the early hours of August 12 they received a report of a fight outside the premises. On arrival, they add they were told by security that people had become aggressive after being asked to leave on allegations of supplying drugs.

Police say there was little evidence of a fight from council CCTV, but that they asked for CCTV from Pink.

Reports of a large-scale fight in the high street were called in from the CCTV control room on August 20, the force said.

But police add when they arrived, officers were told “All is okay as it was not a major incident”.

However, it was noted this call came in significantly after the closing time of the premises.

Police say the incident was initially thought not to be linked to Pink until a full investigation was completed showing that the “premises was the source of the fight and appeared to be still operating long after hours were concluded”.

In the early hours of September 2 Essex Police say they received a call of a fight outside Pink. Officers attended at 12.15am but found no fight. However, they said that after speaking to a member of the public they were told there had been a fight but people dispersed when they heard sirens.

Police said they left only to be called back after further reports of fighting. Then they found an injured individual who required hospital treatment. A request for CCTV for all three incidents was made.

However, Mr Latham told the committee the CCTV system had been locked – possibly due to multiple incorrect passwords – and that by resetting the system the saved footage had been lost.

Licensing panel member Councillor Sheila Murphy told Mr Latham: “I think a restaurant might be more up your street.”

Mr Latham said: “I agree. That’s why I’m doing it.”