Commuters have been struggling to get tickets this morning for a major railway operating between London and Essex.

The c2c railway says it is aware of issues when purchasing tickets through their smartphone application and website.

Addressing the situation on X, formerly known as Twitter, a statement read: “We're working with our suppliers to find and resolve the issue. Please purchase tickets at the ticket office or ticket machines, sorry for the disruption to your journeys this morning.”

However others have complained that buying tickets from the machines is not a suitable alternative.

One person wrote on X: “Come on, provide some decent advice. Have you seen the queues this morning and the ticket machines are not working.”

Another person claims that they were told the ticket office was closed at Southend East.

Last month, the Transport Salaried Staff Association (TSAA) claimed that c2c had been “plagued” with issues in recent months, as ticket machines, Smartcards and online purchases have broken down.

The union said there have been huge queues, with passengers taking to social media to voice their frustrations.

It was part of their campaign to keep ticket offices open, before Transport Secretary Mark Harper announced that plans to close hundreds of rail ticket offices were scrapped.

TSSA general secretary Maryam Eslamdoust previously said: “After months and months of technology breakdowns, angry customers and chaotic queues, I think the time has come to say enough is enough.

“c2c has had a glimpse into what the future holds if it relies on faulty technology and removes the humans who step in to save the day when the machines ultimately fail.”

A c2c spokesperson said last month: “A capacity test was carried out several months ago at Benfleet station to monitor demand during peak periods using our ticket machines as the primary sales channel.

“We continue to work closely with our suppliers to improve the availability of our ticket machines and we also plan to install more of our ticket machines at key stations along our route.”