Essex Highways has said it is looking into resolving "lighting issues” after hundreds of streetlights were reportedly found to be faulty on a stretch of major road connecting Havering and Essex.

A BBC report last week revealed that 324 out of 997 bulbs on the A127 between Upminster and Southend were defective, according to data gathered from the Essex Highways website.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said in response that they must “carefully prioritise resources” to “extract maximum value for the public”.

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As part of their energy efficiency drive, the spokesperson highlighted their campaign to convert all the county’s streetlights to LED-luminaires by 2024 that the A127 “has benefited from”.

They added that the authority is trying to find solutions to fix the issue of defective streetlights on the route.

The spokesperson said: “Our priorities and focus at the moment are residential areas, towns, cities and villages as they have higher concentrations of people.

“We are aware of some lighting issues along the A127 and are looking into ways to resolve the situation.”