Plans to build five new “visually intrusive” and “cramped” homes on the site of a single bungalow have been given the go-ahead.

Neighbours overwhelmingly objected after developer London Development Property submitted plans to Havering Council in November 2021 to build five homes on the site of a single bungalow at 46-48 Lake Avenue in Rainham.

The proposal sought to demolish the existing house and garage and build one four-bed detached house, two three-bed semi-detached dwellings and two two-bed bungalows with parking on the site, which is described as having archaeological potential.

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A report by a planning officer in November 2021 stated that of 29 neighbouring properties consulted, 22 letters of objection and one of support were received.

Some said the plans would “significantly alter the current landscape” and be “visually intrusive”, and concerns were raised about loss of privacy and loss of light.

Parking problems, overdevelopment and loss of green space were other issues highlighted.

The developer had lost an appeal after the council had rejected a previous application by the developer in September 2019 for six semi-detached houses, on grounds including its “cramped appearance” and that it would be “out of character” for the location.

Revised plans with supporting documents were resubmitted by the applicant in March and May this year.

The planning officer's report said the current application differs from the previous scheme, with the site layout changed to reduce its impact on neighbours.

The council approved the application on October 11, attaching 33 conditions including a written specification of external walls and roof materials to be approved by planning authorities.

The application site lies in an area of archaeological potential, close to many finds of prehistoric material on and around Berwick Road and cropmarks east of the site. Under national planning rules, the applicant must record the significance of any heritage assets that the development will harm.

A full list of these conditions and other planning documents can be found on council’s website: