A popular presenter and comedian made a buzz online as he stopped by a local pub in East London.

Michael McIntyre, the host of TV programmes like Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and more recently BBC One’s The Wheel, was seen at McCafferty's bar in Seven Kings on Sunday (October 22).

A viral video shared on social media showed him going in and out of the pub followed by a camera crew.

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Malachy Keane, 43, the area manager at the pub, told the Recorder that the comedian was in fact filming a clip for his game show at the bar.

He said McIntyre went to see a local family and then wanted to go into a local business.

He added: “So he came in and turned the TV channel over. There was a 30 second clip and its part of the intro to his new game show.”

The bar was said to be approached by the show’s production team a few days ago about the filming.

Malachy said: “They asked if they can use the busy venue with loads of people in it and he (McIntyre) was in and out in the course of four or five minutes.”

He claimed that the bar is “excited” to be a part of the local project and believes the crew is going to be shooting in the area for some more time.  “We might see them some more”, he said.